Services Offered

Our firm is authorized to audit all type of companies, including investment companies and banks.

Our Audit work is based on international accounting and auditing standards, based on organized system of work and backed by an audit plan to suit the firm’s nature of business.

Our team work comprises of evaluation of junior level to evaluation of financials by the managers and partners.

Our Audit work is categorized into three main categories.

1) Continuous Audit

-Audit around the year by timely visits based on the Audit plan whereby providing timely management reports and certified financials at the year-end.

2) Partial Audit

-This is Audit work undertaken for Audit of specific account and providing our opinion on the account audited.

3) Final Audit

-comprises of auditing final accounts like preparing balance sheets and final reports.

IT Audit Division
Our IT division has tailored made software to suit requirements of all types of companies, irrespective of the company size.

The software is designed for single user and multiuser for company having one or more than one branch or for a group of companies.

The software can be tailored made to suit clients requirements, also training to staff can be provided for the use of the same which can be backed by technical support and online after sale service.

Along with the installation of software, we can arrange for data entry of financial report and at the year the same could be audited by us to provide you with the yearend financial statement.

Company Formation
Our company formation department undertakes to establish proprietary firm, trading firm, limited liability and Investment Company.

To undertake all procedures for preparation of documents necessary for the preparation of company license.

-Preparation of structure for new company and defining the responsibilities and duties.

-Preparation of internal control system and ensuring the proper functioning of the internal control.

Financial Consultancy
Analysis of financial statements and report on the financials and give our opinion on these financials based on financial ratios.

Reporting on internal control system procedures, documents used and giving our opinion.

Professional guidance for investment in projects and evaluation of the return on investment and capital.

preparation of feasibility report and study of all cost centers, also review of feasibility report.

Evaluation of goodwill.

Banking Reports
Managing disputes between bank and customers and arranging the settlements of the same.

Preparation of professional and specific reports required by banks or appointed by courts.

Evaluation and re-evaluation for the all customers mortgage and giving a professional expert opinion on the same.

Marketing of payables and settlements of the same or requisition of the bank for its customers.

Verifying company’s source of fund inflow and their accounts in line with any money laundering as the UAE law.

Legal and arbitration department

This department is backed by specialized professional who prepare report for submission to courts all over UAE through expert registered with ministry of justice.

Preparation of reports for all kind of accounts, through court.

Acting as receivers and negotiating out of court settlements.

Property management on behalf of heir’s inheritance, liquidation and settlement of the same.

Dispute pertaining to bank interest calculation, letter of credit and other facilities pertaining to bank.

Settlement of debts either to be reclassified or selling it on the consent of both parties.